Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little dirt won't hurt!

Today I learned how to change my own oil.  Of all the things listed on the "to do" list this one I received the most (doubtful) feedback on!  I figured I would get it out of the way (and my car was waaay over due).  This was my first experience underneath a vehicle and I must say it was a little strange.  There's a lot to look at down there!

This was a dirty job.  Absolutely filthy!  I got grease on my forehead and oil all over my hands.   It was definitely an old T shirt and no makeup kind of project!

For those of you not familiar with the process, it is not extremely challenging.  

Step 1:  Place a large/shallow/disposable reservoir under the car.  Carefully position your body under there (note: if you are claustrophobic this job is not for you!). 
Step 2: Loosen the oil plug.  Unless you are Superman/woman a ratchet is absolutely necessary.  This will immediately release an astonishing amount of warm, gooey, dark golden liquid. 
Step 3: Tighten the oil plug back on and crawl back up to find fresh air.
Step 4: Open hood.  Briefly examine all visible bits and pieces to make sure all is well.  Top off antifreeze, etc. if needed.  Loosen oil cap & replace with new oil (note: this can also be done with a baby on your hip!)

Here is my handsome lead mechanic and his cute assistant checking out something interesting under the hood :)

Evidently the Trailblazer requires waaay more oil than most models (7 quarts to be exact).  This was something outside my realm of expertise but now I know how if I needed to do it again.


Chassati Thiele Bauman

I'm very impressed!! Good job!

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