Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 by 30

As we all prepare to ring in the new year, I have chosen not to make a resolution.  Instead, I have created a list of things for myself to accomplish by Oct 7th, 2011.  On this day I will mourn my twenties and will unwillingly turn thirty years old.  How can this be?!  As much as I dread the age itself, I look forward to what the next decade holds :)  The following list contains both small and big goals.  It encourages me to learn and do some things I have wanted to for quite awhile.  Hopefully this will put a happy spin on my next birthday.  I will use this blog to update my progress over the next nine months.  Ready, set, go!!!

1.       Make a wreath

2.       Establish a quiet time with the Lord daily

3.       Make homemade dinner rolls using my grandmother’s famous recipe

4.       Go to First Monday in Canton, TX

5.       Keep a daily prayer journal

6.       Learn how to make hair bows

7.       Enjoy an overnight trip alone with Jarrod

8.       Organize family photos

9.       Make home made lasagna

10.     Read one of our shelved books cover to cover

11.     Take each of the kids out for fun alone (just mommy & child)

12.     Hand make a necklace

13.     Hand make a tutu

14.      Schedule a concealed handgun class (set for Nov 19th)

15.     Plan and host a fun get together at our house (birthday parties don’t count!).

16.     Plant a vegetable garden

17.     Take time to learn more about my Canon Powershot SX100 Nikon D3100

18.     Make home made applesauce

19.     Enjoy a family night each week

20.     Perform a random act of kindness

21.     Completely pay off the little debt that we have

22.     Sew a set of Christmas stockings

23.     Learn how to change my own oil

24.     Write a letter to myself

25.     Memorize state nicknames for all fifty states

26.     Learn tons more about football

27.     Contact and go to lunch with a childhood friend

28.     Do something different with my hair

29.     Snazz up the yard

30.     Decoupage something

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." - Lucile Ball