Thursday, June 23, 2011

Riverwalk Rendezvous

For the first time in approximately three years Jarrod and I got away for a day and a half.  I cannot believe it had been quite that long, but life gets busy!!  On the way to San Antonio we stopped in Gruene for some shopping and lunch at Gristmill. 

We stayed at the Drury Plaza on the river walk and enjoyed a late dinner at Saltgrass. 

We ventured over to the Alamo....

Here are some snap shots from the lobby of our hotel.  It used to be a bank.  What a beautiful place!

We enjoyed our time together!!  On the way back we did lots of outlet mall shopping.  On Tuesday evening we were so glad to see the kiddos.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls Day Out

After our hair appointments on Friday afternoon Emma and I headed to my favorite spa in Temple, Fountain of Beauty.  My mom introduced me to this place approx 22 years ago.  It is where I got regular trims, perms during the 80's and highlights during high school and college.  I even had my hair done for many formals as well as our wedding. 

Although this was our official girls day out, we agreed to let the boys chauffeur us around town.  I had saved up gift cards so our visit was "free"!  I enjoyed an express manicure and a deluxe pedicure while Emma only requested hot pink polish with sparkles :)   

Emma loved getting pampered but can only sit still for so long....which isn't very long at all ;)

"A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future."  ~Author Unknown

Blonde Again!

One of the things on my list was to do something different with my hair.  I thought about a shocking fancy short do, but since it takes FORever and ever to grow my hair out I played it safe.  

Most of our "extra" expenses were done away with when I decided to stay home and we started living on one full income....and that luxury was included.  It had been approximately five years since I had regular highlights.  Once I let it return to its  natural shade just looking in the mirror was a huge change.  In fact, I was almost brunette (gasp!) 

I admit that it's easy to become a "frumpy housewife".  On the days we don't leave the house I stay in my pjs til noon and I don't bother with hair or makeup.  Jarrod reminds me that I should do nice things for myself more often but it's really hard for me to justify doing so.  I always joked that I would immediately run to the salon the second I discovered my first gray hair.  Anyway, Jarrod encouraged me to start highlighting again so I did it before he changed his mind :) ( I also had the layers cleaned up and a created a bang.)