Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little dirt won't hurt!

Today I learned how to change my own oil.  Of all the things listed on the "to do" list this one I received the most (doubtful) feedback on!  I figured I would get it out of the way (and my car was waaay over due).  This was my first experience underneath a vehicle and I must say it was a little strange.  There's a lot to look at down there!

This was a dirty job.  Absolutely filthy!  I got grease on my forehead and oil all over my hands.   It was definitely an old T shirt and no makeup kind of project!

For those of you not familiar with the process, it is not extremely challenging.  

Step 1:  Place a large/shallow/disposable reservoir under the car.  Carefully position your body under there (note: if you are claustrophobic this job is not for you!). 
Step 2: Loosen the oil plug.  Unless you are Superman/woman a ratchet is absolutely necessary.  This will immediately release an astonishing amount of warm, gooey, dark golden liquid. 
Step 3: Tighten the oil plug back on and crawl back up to find fresh air.
Step 4: Open hood.  Briefly examine all visible bits and pieces to make sure all is well.  Top off antifreeze, etc. if needed.  Loosen oil cap & replace with new oil (note: this can also be done with a baby on your hip!)

Here is my handsome lead mechanic and his cute assistant checking out something interesting under the hood :)

Evidently the Trailblazer requires waaay more oil than most models (7 quarts to be exact).  This was something outside my realm of expertise but now I know how if I needed to do it again.

Friday, May 13, 2011

And the Procrastination award goes to.....


Hi friends!  Are any of you still following my journey?  Sorry there hasn't been much action here but I promise to pick up the pace very soon.  Afterall, I have less than 5 months left (147 days to be exact)...yikes! 

Procrastinate - to put off until another day or time; to defer or delay

All my life I have been a major procrastinator.  Especially with packing, cleaning, studying and leaving the house on time.  I always get the task done....but I just wait until the last minute to start!  I have a feeling that the completion of this list will be the same way.  I will finish it....even if I don't start some of the tasks until the first week of October (wink!)