Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decoupage Project

Decoupage - the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects

I have been meaning to try a big decoupage project for awhile now but just never got around to it.  (This list has ceratinly helped me do that with lots of things.)  I used mod podge to decorate clothes pins for Owen's 1st birthday party, but nothing fancy. 

Over Spring break I spied a cute aqua table at a road side sale.  I knew it would be a perfect subject for this project!  I decided to transform it into a bed side table for Owen once he transitions to a toddler bed.

Step 1:  Scuff the entire piece. 

Step 2:  Spraypaint all over.  Allow it to dry for several hours or overnight. 

Materials needed: 
Mod Podge (easily found at any craft store) 
Paint brush
Scrapbook paper (or fabric) of your choice

Step 3:  Apply Mod Podge to the area you plan to cover with paper. 

Allow to dry for approx 3-4 minutes...

Step 4:  Carefully put paper in place and immediately smooth all edges and middle.  (Note: the tricky part is working out the bubbles and edges that stick up.  Continuously smooth out the paper very gently.)  Lastly, apply Mod Podge on top.  It is best to end with all brush strokes going in the same direction.  Don't worry, the white/cloudy goop (as shown below) will dry clear ;) 

Step 5:  Allow it to dry for approx half an hour.  Enjoy your new piece of furniture! 

The decoupage possibilities are endless!  As a fair warning, after you create one thing you will be hooked :)


Chassati Thiele Bauman

That looks awesome!!! I can't wait to try something :-) You'll have to help me look for a subject in Canton!

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