Saturday, July 30, 2011

Canton or bust!

I've always heard great things about First Monday Trade Days in Canton.  As soon as she saw my "30 by 30" list my cousin Chassati expressed interest in going with me!  We actually made plans to go a few times over the past six months or so but something always came up.  I realized that this weekend would be my last opportunity to go childless before my birthday (football is here to stay for awhile).  Luckily my mom & Aunt Donna decided to get in on the fun and to go too :)  We had a fun girls road trip!  Thanks to my wonderful husband for keeping the kiddos and to my in laws for treating them to a movie!! 

We shopped and sweated until we dropped!!  It.was.HOT. I tried my best not to whine (much!) because I knew my 7.5 month preggo cousin Chassati had to have been miserable!! 

There were all SORTS of goodies.  We spent seven hours roaming through the booths and tables and still didn't see it all!  There were blingy clothes/ jewelry galore, antiques, purses, gadgets, holiday ornaments and decor, cute wrapping paper, iron work, miscellaneous junk, puppies, quilts and more.  Sooo much to look at. 

On the way home we stopped for some fresh fruit!  I got a juicy seedless watermelon, plums and peaches (thanks mom)!

Thankfully I had set aside some spending money from Mother's Day and I stuck to my budget, give or take a few dollar bills :)  Some of my favorite purchases include this giant two foot 'S', a sign to put in the dining room and a personalized glittery football for our front door. 

We decided that we should go back in January......right between football and track seasons ;)


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